Feature Roadmap 

This is a brief overview of planned features for the White Label WP Plugin.

  • Free version on wordpress.org
  • Custom WordPress Login (logo & Background)
  • Change the login logo link to your brand's URL
  • Replace the "howdy" in the admin bar
  • Change the footer credit in the adminstrator area
  • Remove the WordPress logo & menu in the admin bar
  • Custom Admin dashboard
  • Allow admin scripts and livechats
  • Custom Dashboard Widget
  • Hide installed Plugins from other Admins
  • Change the default WP sending email from wordpress@domain.com
  • Allow only an admin with specific user ID's to see/access settings
  • Hide menus
  • Custom admin color scheme
  • Import & Export settings

Request a feature

Want a new feature? Explain your idea in detail and we will look at adding it to the road map.

What features would help your business? Tell us for White Label 2.0 🙌