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Use a WordPress Theme Switcher to Quicky Change Site Designs

Use a WordPress Theme Switcher to Quicky Change Site Designs

Last Updated May 22, 2023

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One of the biggest advantages of WordPress over other content management systems is its theme feature. You can change the entire look and feel of your site by using a different theme at any time you want. Traditionally, you would find your new theme and set it as the active one and move on with your life. Of course, many site owners and developers want more robust options. Thankfully, there are a couple of WordPress theme switcher plugins we recommend.

Each of these plugins works slightly differently. The first is geared toward your website visitors. It adjusts your site’s active theme based on the device your reader is using. The second plugin is built for developers and site admins who want to quickly and easily preview themes. It’s ideal for people working with clients as they build a new WordPress site.

Let’s take a closer look at each of these plugins.

Popular WordPress Theme Switcher Plugins

These WordPress theme switcher plugins are available for download from Simply visit the plugin repository and download the plugin file to your machine. Upload it via the WordPress admin and you’ll be ready to go.

For less technical site owners, you can always install and activate free plugins from the WordPress admin. We recommend this route if you aren’t comfortable with things like .zip files.

We’ve provided brief summaries of each of these plugins to give you a better idea of what they have to offer. These plugins are 100% free with no premium or paid variations. That’s pretty rare in the WordPress community so we thought it was worth pointing out before we got started.

Multi Device Switcher

Multi Device Switcher is a WordPress theme switcher plugin that changes your site to a separate theme based on whatever device the viewer is using. Whether it be by mobile, tablet, computer, and more, the plugin will detect if the site is being viewed via UserAgent and switch the theme appropriately.

Every device can be added to the plugin and the content of posts and pages may be switched for each device using the Display Switcher shortcode. You can disable the switching of themes for individual URLs by using the Disable Switcher. Finally, site owners can disable the switching from happening on individual pages and posts.

Plugin Details

This piece of software was initially released by its owner in January of 2012. It is currently on version 1.8.5 and last had a change on December 11th, 2023. The newest release operates on WordPress 6.4.5 and requires at least PHP 5.6 to work on your server. This plugin is presently functioning on over 20,000 WordPress websites. It has had over 276,060 downloads. There have not been many help requests from users. Reviews for Multi Device Switcher are very positive. Many of the users who left an evaluation found Multi Device Switcher to be wonderful.

Theme Switcha

Theme Switcha is a plugin that gives your visitors the power to switch between multiple themes. It also allows you to privately preview any theme you wish from the front end while working on your site from behind the scenes.

You can control who has the ability to switch themes so it’s not available as an option to everyone. Admins can switch them directly via the WordPress admin area. Preview links can be sent to clients through a passkey and you can customize that passkey code. Enable and disable theme previews and theme switching in the admin area without deactivating the plugin.

The UI of Theme Switcha is simple. It includes screenshots of the themes to make working with individual themes easier. The plugin is lightweight, easy to use, and compatible with any theme, Gutenberg Block Editor, and WP Multisite.

Plugin Details

This piece of software was originally released by its owner in September of 2016. It is presently on version 3.3.4 and last saw a revision on June 25th, 2024. The latest version runs on WordPress 6.6 and requires at least PHP 5.6.20 to function on your server. This plugin is actively operating on over 5,000 WordPress sites. It has had over 160,490 downloads. There have not been many support requests from users. Reviews for Theme Switcha – Easily Switch Themes for Development and Testing are very positive. Many of the users who left a review found this plugin to be excellent.

Find the Best WordPress Theme Switcher Plugin

The power of WordPress is in plugins and themes and these two pieces of software do a great job of showcasing that. Each is unique from the other which is why we felt it was worth profiling them. They are the two main WordPress theme switcher plugins we recommend. One is devoted to the visitor experience while the other is focused more on admin and client-side solutions.

Many WordPress developers and agencies deal with a lot of back and forth with clients over theme issues. It’s highly likely if that’s a situation you deal with regularly, that one or both of these plugins will make your life easier.

Customize the WordPress Admin Experience

Are you a WordPress developer managing multiple client sites? Or maybe you are part of an agency that is regularly working with businesses to build WordPress-powered websites? You might be interested in our White Label plugin.

White Label was built to make life easier for you and your clients. The plugin allows you to customize and modify the WordPress admin experience. You can rebrand everything with a custom login page, new colors, and replacement logos. Or make the admin less confusing by editing menus, adding custom dashboard elements, and disabling WordPress Core features.

Check out the complete list of White Label features today and find out how our plugin can lower your support demand and make WordPress less confusing for your clients.

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