Rebrand WordPress with Support Features for Clients

White Label is the perfect plugin for Freelancers, Pros and WordPress Agencies. Give your clients the experience they expect.

WordPress White label for clients

White Label Features

We are on a mission to improve the White Label Plugin for WordPress.
Have a look at our full feature list and customise the WordPress admin area today!

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Rebrand WordPress 

Our White Label WordPress Plugin helps you create a familiar space for your clients. Simply replace the WordPress logo with your branding or theirs!

custom wordpress login logodefault wordpress login

Simple Setup with Valuable Backend Features

Our backend is quick and easy to set up. Only you or selected admins will see the settings!
You can easily add a custom dashboard, even an live chat. View more features

White Label WordPress admin settings

Create Admin Support Widgets

Your clients may be new to the WordPress admin area, therefore we have made it easy for you to add admin widgets. You have the complete WYSIWYG editor to customize your widget with text, images and videos.

Add a Live Chat for Your Clients

Adding a live chat to the admin area is straightforward. Drop in your favourite live chat code and it will appear on all admin pages. Your clients will feel happy and secure! Alternatively You can run any Javascript scripts in the administrator area.

Custom Dashboard

Have your clients ever been overwhelmed with unnecessary WordPress specific widgets? Use White Label to make a whole new custom dashboard that adds value for your client! We recommend including FAQ’s, guides, and your agency’s contact details. 


Hide Plugins from Admins

Do you have admins that you want to hide specific plugins from? We can do that too!

Custom WordPress dashboard

Where are we at?

White Label is in active development. Right now we have our free version available on 
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Free to try. Flexible for professionals


New – We have simplified our pricing!

We now offer two White Label Pro options. Personal & Developer. Each provides 12 months of support and updates. 

Each option is billed every 12 months, or you can cancel anytime

We also offer a 14 day money back guarantee.


Use on 1 Site
$ 20
  • Updates for 1 Year
  • Pro Features
  • Premium Support


Use on Unlimited Sites
$ 99
  • Updates for 1 Year
  • Pro Features
  • Developer Support

Cancel any time – All prices in USD

Free Verison

The free version of White Label for WordPress is hosted on the offical WordPress Plugin Repository

What features would help your business? Tell us for White Label 2.0 🙌