White Label WordPress for your business

WordPress should be easy to use for everyone. White Label allows you to customize the WordPress login, admin area, remove menus and much more

Make WordPress sites easy to use for clients.

Why White Label WordPress sites?

White Labelling your site can save you time/money and even make your clients feel happier. 

Your Site, Your Branding 

It’s your client’s site, make them feel at home. White Label will allow you to replace WordPress branding on the login screen and in the admin area.

White Label custom WordPress login page example

Give your WordPress login page complete new look, you can change the layout, colors and background image.

Custom Dashboard

Have your clients ever been overwhelmed with unnecessary WordPress specific widgets? Use White Label to make a whole new custom dashboard that adds value for your client! We recommend including FAQ’s, guides, and your agency’s contact details. 

Hide dangerous areas from clients

Have you ever had a client break the WordPress site by accident? Make sure your clients aren’t fiddling with with sensitive areas of the WordPress backend. Hide menus and plugins from other WordPress users, including administrators.

Easy to use & setup

All White Label settings are available inside your WordPress site. Don’t worry, you can hide the White Label plugin from any other administrators too.

White Label general settings page

Import & Export settings

White Label 2.0+ allows you to export your settings into a file. You can then import the file into another site! Better yet, we’ve made it a free feature, so you can import & export across White Label Free & Pro!

Cool benefits, but show me the features!

Alright, here is the complete list of White Label free & Pro features.

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I was very pleasantly surprised. Very light installation and in a couple of minutes I managed to completely white label WordPress. Great for my clients that require a bit more of a customized solution.
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Alexander J

Free to try. Flexible for professionals


We have simplified our pricing!

We now offer two White Label Pro options. Personal & Business

Each provides 1 year of support and updates. The subscription is billed annually. You can cancel anytime from you account.

100% money back guarantee within the first 14 days.


White Label Pro on 1 Site
$ 39
  • Use on 1 site
  • 1 Year of updates
  • All Pro Features
  • Premium Support


White Label Pro on Unlimited Sites
$ 99
  • Use on Unlimited WordPress sites
  • 1 Year of updates
  • All Pro Features
  • Premium Support

Cancel any time – All prices in USD

Limited Free Verison

The free version of White Label for WordPress is hosted on the offical WordPress Plugin Repository