White Label Features

WordPress Login Customization

Replace the default WordPress logo with your own. Upload your custom login logo for your WordPress site.

Custom Login Background

Change the boring grey background to your own color or image.

Set your own link on the login logo to replace the default wordpress.org link. You can also change the link attribute text.

Login Page Colors

We have color pickers for every aspect of the login screen. You can change the text and background colors of the login box. The link and button colors are adjustable as well.

Login Page CSS

Add your own CSS snippets to the login page directly inside of the White Label settings interface.

Login Template

Switch up the default centered login box with left and right layout templates for the WordPress login page.

WordPress Dashboard Customization

Custom Welcome Panel

Replace the default WordPress welcome panel on the dashboard with your own custom version. Add text, images, and links for your clients to see as soon as they log in to WordPress.

Add Your Own Dashboard Widget

Add your own widget with any content to the WordPress dashboard.

Remove Dashboard Widgets in Bulk

Don’t need the default WordPress or third-party dashboard widgets? Simply remove them by checking a single box in White Label’s settings.

Remove Individual Dashboard Widgets Pro

Pick and choose individual dashboard widgets to remove from your dashboard. You can select from the default widgets and any third-party widgets added by plugins and themes.

Custom Dashboard

Completely replace the WordPress dashboard with your own content. Use the WYSIWYG editor to create a custom dashboard experience.

Custom Admin Color Scheme

Customize the color scheme of the WordPress admin to match your client’s branding.

Elementor Template Support Pro

White Label Pro offers the ability to use Elementor directly inside of your WordPress admin.

Easily assign any Elementor template to be used as a custom WordPress dashboard for your clients.

Elementor Logo

WordPress Admin Customization

Hide Admin Menus

Hide any WordPress or plugin menu and its sub-menu in the admin area from non-White Label Administrators and other users.

Rename Admin Menus Pro

Change the text for any of the sidebar menu items shown on the admin side of your WordPress installation.

Hide Admin Bar Menu Items Pro

Hide individual admin bar menus from users. For example, hide the Customizer menu link to prevent clients from making important changes.

Rename Admin Bar Menu Items Pro

Rename any of the front-end or back-end admin bar menu items.

Remove Admin Bar from the Front End Pro

Remove the admin bar from the front end of your WordPress installation for non-administrators and other users.

Hide Admin Content from Administrators

Select any administrator to be a White Label Administrator. White Label Administrators will have their accounts bypass White Label rules.

Hide WordPress Plugins

Hide WordPress Plugins and their updates from non-White Label Administrators and other users.

Hide Update Notifications & Nags Pro

Hide WordPress update notification alerts and nags from non-White Label Administrators.

Remove Admin Notifications Pro

Prevent all admin notifications from being displayed to users who are not White Label Administrators.

Set your own small logo in the admin bar to replace the default WordPress logo.

Replace Howdy Message

Replace the “Howdy, Name” in the admin bar with any text you would like.

Replace Admin Footer Credit

Set your own footer credit in the WordPress admin area.

Add Scripts or Live Chats

Paste any JavaScript to run in the WordPress admin area. Great for adding a live chat.


Redirect Users After Login Pro

Redirect users to a specific URL after they have successfully logged in to the WordPress admin.

Change Default Email Settings Pro

Change the default WordPress email settings to your own business name and email address.

Disable Administration Email Verification Pro

Disable the Administration Email Verification screen when administrators log into WordPress.

Multisite Support

You can use White Label with WordPress Multisite networks.

Import & Export

Easily import or export settings from any White Label Free or White Label Pro Pro installation.