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How to Create a WordPress Login Redirect

How to Create a WordPress Login Redirect

White Label Pro, the premium version of our white label plugin, includes a feature to create a WordPress login redirect. You can use this feature to send your WordPress users to a custom URL when they log in to your site. This is a useful feature if you want to force your clients, for example, to a particular admin screen each time they access their site.

You will need to purchase, install, and activate White Label Pro to get started. Our documentation contains instructions on how to install White Label Pro. Once your installation is complete, make your way to the Miscellaneous tab of White Label Pro’s settings. This is the area where you can create a WordPress login redirect.

Make a WordPress Login Redirect

On the Miscellaneous tab, look for the Redirect User Logins section. This is where you can find the input to set the URL for the redirect.

Screenshot of WordPress Login Redirect Option

Type the URL into the text box. You can use an absolute URL or a relative path. Make sure it’s a valid URL and that it points to somewhere on your current site. When you have the correct URL in the field, save your settings. Effectively immediately, whatever URL you entered will become your WordPress login redirect. The next time a user logs into your WordPress admin they will be automatically redirected to your preferred address.

Setting up a redirect like this is a great way to help control how your admin users access your WordPress site behind the scenes. White Label Pro users are looking for ways to steer their clients to the right sections of the admin. WordPress can be a complicated tool, so any means you have to direct users or keep the experience simpler is always welcome.

Looking for More WordPress White Label Options?

Our plugin, White Label, offers many ways to modify the WordPress admin experience. You can check out more of the features available in our free and premium plugins in our documentation. Modify the WordPress admin with white labeling in minutes using our plugin.

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