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How to Remove the WordPress Upload Theme Button

White Label Pro, our premium plugin, is packed with a host of features that facilitate comprehensive WordPress theme customization. Among these, one of the most sought-after is the ability to remove the WordPress upload theme button, providing you with greater control over your website’s theme management.

This feature is especially useful for developers or agencies managing a client’s site. Typically, those types of White Label Pro customers prefer to maintain full control over theme changes. With the upload theme button removed, you can prevent unauthorized theme installations, ensuring the website’s theme remains consistent and unaltered.

How to Remove the WordPress Upload Theme Button

To utilize this feature, your first step is to purchase White Label Pro and install it on your WordPress site. We provide detailed documentation on how to install White Label Pro for those who need additional assistance.

Once installed, you can access the White Label Pro settings. Here, you’ll want to navigate to the Themes tab, which is where you’ll find all the options for theme customization. Within the Themes tab, scroll down to the Remove Features section and locate the checkbox labeled Upload Theme Button. It looks like this:

Screenshot of White Label's Remove the WordPress Upload Theme Button Feature

To remove the upload theme button, simply tick the checkbox and click on the Save Settings button. The effect is immediate: the upload theme button will no longer be visible to any admin users.

Additional Features for WordPress Theme Customization

White Label Pro offers a range of additional theme-related features. These include the ability to rename themes, replace theme screenshots, and even completely hide themes from the admin interface. The plugin also provides options to manage other action buttons, such as customize and activate. To explore more about what White Label Pro can do for your WordPress themes, check out our detailed WordPress themes documentation.

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