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How to Replace Howdy WordPress Text

How to Replace Howdy WordPress Text

Our White Label WordPress plugin lets you replace Howdy WordPress text in the admin bar. For those unfamiliar, the admin bar contains a simple greeting to the currently logged-in user. By default, the greeting is the word “Howdy” which is unprofessional slang at best and incomprehensible to non-English speakers at worst.

Screenshot of WordPress Howdy, admin Text

You can replace the howdy text with our plugin. This feature is in both the free version of White Label and the premium White Label Pro.

Install and activate either version of the plugin to begin. If you need help, there are articles on this site teaching you how to install White Label or install White Label Pro. After installation is finished, open up White Label’s settings and navigate to the Admin tab. This tab contains the section that allows you to modify visual aspects of the WordPress admin bar.

Replace Howdy Text

On the Admin tab, scroll down to the Admin Bar section. You’ll see a field where you can enter custom text to replace the default Howdy text in the admin bar.

Screenshot of White Label's Howdy Text Feature

Whatever you put in the field, after you save your settings, will automatically replace the default Howdy text. For example, simply entering “Hello,” in the field will result in your WordPress admin bar appearing like this:

Screenshot of WordPress Hello, admin Text

Other WordPress Admin Options

White Label lets you configure other admin options for your users and clients. Learn more by visiting our documentation.

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