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How to Add a Widget to the WordPress Dashboard

How to Add a Widget to the WordPress Dashboard

Our White Label WordPress plugin comes with several features to help you create a custom WordPress admin dashboard. One of the most popular of those features is the ability to add a widget to the WordPress Dashboard. Today, we’ll go over the simple steps involved to add your very own custom WordPress widget to your client sites.

You will need to install White Label to begin. The plugin is available, for free, from Or you can install and activate it automatically from the Plugins screen in the WordPress admin. Once that is done, head on over to the White Label area of the Settings in WordPress and we can begin.

Create a Custom Widget

In White Label’s settings, navigate to the Dashboard section. If you scroll down, you will come across an area devoted to building a custom widget for your dashboard:

Screenshot of White Label's Custom Widget Feature

As you can see, this is broken down into three parts:

  • Enable Custom Widget
  • Custom Widget Title
  • Custom Widget Content

You’ll need to check the box for Enable Custom Widget to make it appear on your dashboard. The Custom Widget Title and Custom Widget Content fields are pretty self-explanatory. This is where you will put the content you want to appear in the widget itself. Note that the Custom Widget Content can be anything you want as it is powered by WordPress’ built-in WYSIWYG editor. This means you can add custom HTML and your own media very easily.

When you are done, you simply press the Save Settings button at the bottom of the screen. As long as you check the Enable Custom Widget box, your new widget will appear on the dashboard immediately.

Here’s an example of a widget you can build with this method:

White Label Dashboard Widget Screenshot

More WordPress White Label Options

White Label does more than just help you create dashboard elements. It has dozens and dozens of features for you to simplify WordPress for your clients. And, of course, a simpler WordPress for your clients means less support for you. Check out the complete feature list right now.

In addition to the free plugin, we offer White Label Pro with additional features and capabilities. For dashboards, in particular, White Label Pro can use Elementor Templates to create an even more custom dashboard experience.

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