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How to Change WordPress Default Email Settings

How to Change WordPress Default Email Settings

WordPress, and third-party plugins, frequently use email as a means of sending important information to users and visitors. These emails can be about new user notifications, warning you about security alerts, or informing customers about their WooCommerce purchases. The possibilities are endless. Unfortunately, changing the name and address those emails are sent from can be difficult. You don’t always want the default settings and, in that case, you’ll need a plugin to change them for you. Let’s take a look at how you can change WordPress default email settings with White Label Pro.

Change WordPress Default Email Settings with White Label Pro

You will need to purchase a license for White Label Pro to begin. The next step is to install and activate the plugin on your WordPress site. If you need help, we have documentation available on this site on how to install White Label Pro. Next, head over to White Label Pro’s settings. The Miscellaneous tab is where the options for changing email settings are located.

Under the Default Email Address section, you’ll see fields to set the new default email from name and default email from address:

Screenshot of White Label's Default Email Address Feature

Now, simply type in your new values for each field and save your settings. Immediately, the default email from name and address will change to your new settings. There’s nothing else for you to do.

Learn More About Our White Label WordPress Plugin

White Label is an all-in-one solution for rebranding and changing the experience of the WordPress admin. It has dozens of features that you can use to customize WordPress for your clients and users. White Label can be used to rename and hide menus. You can have the plugin replace plugin information and text to hide from clients information they do not need. And, best of all, White Label lets you change colors and logos to match your or your client’s branding. Visit our documentation to learn about all the features included in White Label and White Label Pro.

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