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How to Remove the WordPress Customize Theme Button

How to Remove the WordPress Customize Theme Button

White Label Pro is the paid version of our free WordPress white label plugin. Pro has many settings and options that are not found in the free edition. This is especially true when it comes to themes in the WordPress admin. In this article, we’ll go over one of those settings: how to remove the WordPress customize theme button for the currently active theme.

In the WordPress admin, the screen for Themes contains many action buttons you can use to work with installed themes. When you hover over a given theme, these buttons are revealed to the user. They perform actions like activating or previewing a theme. Any active theme with built-in customization options will have a special Customize button available.

WordPress developers and firms generally don’t want their clients to meddle with the active theme’s settings. White Label Pro allows developers like yourself to remove the various theme action buttons based on their needs. Doing so will help prevent admin users from mistakenly modifying a site’s theme without your knowledge.

Hide the WordPress Customize Theme Button

To start, you will need to purchase, install and activate White Label Pro. There is documentation on the site with details on how to install White Label Pro if you need help after finishing your purchase.

Next, move over to the White Label Pro settings on your site. From the Themes tab, find the Remove Features section. This area is where all of White Label Pro’s options for removing action buttons and features related to themes from the WordPress admin are located. You’ll find a checkbox for the Customize Button that looks like this:

Screenshot of White Label's Remove the WordPress Customize Theme Button Feature

Check the box and then click the Save Settings button. Immediately, the currently active theme will have its customize button removed. This even applies to the Theme Details overlay. You’re all done. There’s nothing left for you to do.

More WordPress Theme Customization Features

White Label Pro contains options for individual themes and action buttons. Rename themes, change theme screenshots, or completely hide themes from other admin users. There are options for removing more action buttons: activate, live preview, add new, and more. Check out more of what White Label Pro has for WordPress themes by visiting out our WordPress themes documentation.

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