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How to Add CSS to the WordPress Admin

How to Add CSS to the WordPress Admin

The basic design of the WordPress admin has been static for many years. Plugins like White Label were developed to make customizing the admin experience easier. The free version of our plugin offers plenty of options to help you modify and rebrand WordPress. But what if you want to take it one extra step? Developers comfortable with CSS might want to make more dramatic changes. Luckily, with White Label Pro, you can quickly and easily add CSS to the WordPress admin. Now, let’s learn what you need to do in order to implement your custom CSS rules inside WordPress.

Add CSS to the WordPress Admin with White Label Pro

To get started, you will need to purchase a license for White Label Pro and install the plugin. If you need help with installation please check out our short guide on how to install White Label Pro. After the plugin has been installed and activated, you are ready to start adding your own CSS. In White Label Pro’s settings, the Admin tab is where you want to go.

Scroll until you find the CSS section. This is a large text box where you can enter any custom CSS rules you want:

Screenshot of White Label's WordPress Admin CSS Feature

You’re responsible for making sure the CSS you enter is valid. The plugin will not do any code validation and it is not a WordPress syntax highlighter for you to discover errors before you apply the setting. When you are ready, and your custom CSS is in place, press the Save Settings button and you are done. Your custom CSS will apply as soon as the page refreshes and will be seen by all users who access the WordPress admin.

Discover More About Our White Label WordPress Plugin

Our White Label plugin provides a comprehensive solution for rebranding and enhancing the WordPress admin interface. With its wide range of features, you can easily customize the WordPress admin for both your clients and their users. White Label allows you to rename and conceal menus, and replace plugin information and text that your clients may not require. Furthermore, it enables you to change colors and logos to align with your or your client’s branding. Check out our documentation to explore all the features of White Label and White Label Pro.

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