Installing White Label

Installing the White Label plugin for WordPress is straightforward. The quick and easy way is to download and automatically install from your WordPress site dashboard, you can also download and upload the plugin manually.

Installing White Label from your WordPress site

Login into your WordPress site and navigate to the plugins page that is located in the administrator sidebar.

Click the “Add New” top button and you’ll be taken the page that allows you to search and install any plugin automatically from the WordPress plugin repository.

Installing the White Label plugin

Search “White Label”, make sure it’s our plugin by looking at the logo and author. Then click install.

Once installation is done you’ll need to activate the White Label plugin.

That’s it! You’ll now be greeted with an admin message and quick link to start configuring the White Label Plugin for WordPress.

White Label general settings page
Now get started at White Label general settings page.

You can read more about the individual settings under our features documentation.

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