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What Are White Label Administrators?

What Are White Label Administrators?

Inside White Label you will be presented with a list of all administrators on your WordPress site. In most cases, you’ll select yourself as a White Label Administrator. White Label Administrators are the site maintainers, developers, and those who need unrestricted and exclusive access to all of a site’s settings.

Users marked as White Label Administrators will have certain White Label settings ignored while they are accessing the WordPress admin. In particular, changes to menus, plugins, other mission-critical areas, and White Label itself are always available to White Label Administrators. Settings that apply to all admin users are cosmetic in nature: login, dashboard, visual tweaks, etc.

White Label General Settings Screenshot

Super Admins (WordPress Multisite only)

If you are using WordPress with a multisite network, then you’ll need to know that Super Admins (Administrators who control the whole network) will bypass all White Label rules by default. Super Admins will also not show up in the White Label Administrators settings because they will always have full access.

You can read more about White Label & WordPress Multisite Compatibility in our Documentation.

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