How to add a custom login logo in WordPress

Lets personalize the WordPress login page with our brand’s logo.
Firstly make sure you’ve installed White Label or White Label Pro for WordPress, then navigate into the White Label settings page and click on the ‘login’ tab.

The login tab will allow you change multiple elements and colors on the WordPress login page, but we want to focus on adding a custom logo first.

You have two options of how you can use a custom logo file.

1. Upload the logo to the WordPress media library.

Login Page settings White Label

We recommend uploading the logo file (.png or .jpg) to the WordPress media library. You’ll just need to drop your logo file into the library and select the file. Hit save and you’re done!

2. Input the URL of an image that’s located externally.

If you don’t want to the upload the logo to the WordPress media libary then you can manually input the URL of an external image.

This would be ideal if you are an freelancer or agency that want to reuse the same image across multiple sites. You just have to make sure that the image is always on the URL that you have provided.

Example: I’ll upload my logo to my own server or WordPress site, then use the same URL on all client sites. The url may look like this

You can then update the logo file on your own server once and it will take effect on all your sites. Just make sure the name and location of the logo remains the same.

That’s It, Preview your login screen!

White Label custom login page for WordPress
White Label general settings page

Save your White Label settings and see if the login screen preview has the correct image. You should also visit the the WordPress login page to make sure. You can find it at or

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