Learn how the White Label WordPress plugin can help you make changes to your login screen.

How to Add a Custom WordPress Login Logo

Add a custom WordPress login logo to your site to help modify your WordPress installation to match your personal or client's branding.

How to Change the WordPress Login Background

Change the WordPress login background image and color. Match the login to your client's branding with the White Label plugin

How to Add WordPress Login CSS

Add WordPress login css to change the login screen's presentation. Easily include new CSS to your WordPress login screen with White Label.

How to Change WordPress Login Page Colors

Learn how to change the WordPress login page colors to better match your agencies or your clients branding.

How to Change the WordPress Login Logo Link

Discover the best way to change the WordPress login logo link on your client websites. Replace the default link with another website address.

How to Align Your WordPress Login Template

Align your WordPress login template to the left, right, or center using our simple White Label plugin for WordPress.

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