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How to Remove the WordPress Logo Link

Our White Label WordPress plugin has a feature to remove the WordPress logo from the admin bar. This logo comes with a built-in link to the WordPress “About” page. This page shows details about the installed version of WordPress. For clarity, the logo and its position looks something like this in your WordPress admin:

Screenshot of WordPress Logo in Admin Bar

Of course, not every website admin wants their users to be able to follow that link. For example, if you are trying to obscure that WordPress is even being used on a website. Removing the WordPress logo link to that about page is a great way to go about that effort.

You can use our White Label plugin to remove the WordPress logo link from your sites. This feature is found in both versions of White Label: the free version and the premium version, White Label Pro.

You need to install and activate either version of the plugin to begin. We have support documentation available to guide you through how to install White Label or install White Label Pro. Work your way to White Label’s settings, after installation is complete, and go to the Admin tab. The tab contains the area that allows you to change the features of the WordPress admin bar.

On the Admin tab, locate the Admin Bar area. You’ll discover a checkbox you can mark to remove the WordPress logo link.

Screenshot of White Label's Remove WordPress Logo Link Feature

Marking the box and saving your settings will immediately make the change go into effect. The WordPress logo link will no longer be available. Instead, clicking on the logo will result in nothing happening.

This is a quick and simple method to remove WordPress-related branding and information from your site. Removing the WordPress logo link helps you control what admin users can see about your installation.

More WordPress Admin Options

White Label lets you adjust and set plenty of other admin options for your users and clients. You can modify more information in the admin bar, change admin colors, and much more. Learn about all the features by visiting our admin documentation.

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