White Label 2.0 for WordPress – Release Notes

We are nearing the start of 2020 and we’ve got exciting news! We’ve been working on White Label 2.0 for WordPress for while now and we are excited to release it!

The White Label 2.0 update will be available for everyone 1st of Janurary 2020 inside the WordPress dashboard.

So what’s included in 2.0?

We’ve completely rebuilt the plugin.

We’ve added administrator options and a bunch of new exciting features that will help you take more control over white labelling the WordPress admin area and login page.

Hiding Menus

Hide WordPress admin menus

You can hide WordPress menus from anyone that’s not a White Label Administrator. (What is a White Label Administrator?)

You’ll now be able to hide menus and any submenus in the admin area of the WordPress dashboard. This is great for making sure clients or inexperienced admins can only access the settings they need! And helps you prevent accidents from happening!

Import & Export Settings

Screenshot of Import & Exports settings in White Label
Import & Export in White Label

Yes, we’ve finally got it! Import & export!

You can now export and import your White Label settings between sites! Time is money when you’re using WordPress for business. You can now fly the process by easily carrying your settings across to new sites.

Login Page Templates, Colors & custom CSS

More options to let your brand’s personality really shine through!

You can now select the layout of your login page. We’ve also thrown in a color picker for each element on the login screen. Learn more

Multisite Compatible

White Label is now WordPress Multisite Compatible. You’ll be able to White each site inside a multisite network.

Read more about White Label & WP Multisites.

Changes to White Label Pro

White Label Pro is now a standalone plugin, making it simpler to install on client sites! We’ve also added extra features.

White Label Pro was originally an add-on plugin to our free White Label plugin. In the past, you’d need both plugins installed on client sites if you required the Pro features. We like to make things simple for everyone, so we’ve made some changes to make White Label Pro a standalone plugin. You just need to install White Label Pro and you are ready to go!

The free and pro settings remain in the same database location, so you can feely switch between the plugins without losing your settings.

Features added to White Label Pro only:

  • Remove Admin Bar on the frontend
  • Redirect non-admins to a specific url when they login.

Moving forward

Moving forward we are committed to creating a nice experience when it comes to using White Label. You’ll notice that every setting and section has an easy to understand description (If it’s not easy to understand just let us know!). We want reflect the same experience in our new documentation section, keep developing and pushing updates.

Tell us about your business and how we can help!

Let us know if you have any pain points with your current business flow when using WordPress and dealing with clients. If you have a feature request, we would love to have a chat!